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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just call me Snuffy the Snot Factory......This cold is sucking is a major way....

Last night was the first weeknight in ages that didn't have a rehearsal. I managed to stay in my pajamas and bathrobe all day, since I had absolutely no energy. The downside of this is that our fridge is nearly bare, so at some point I realized that dinner would be complicated. I alerted Boyfriend, who came home with some canned soup, which he fortified with barley. He also whipped up a batch of cornbread (from the Trader Joe's mix....not half bad actually). We had a lazy evening watching a movie (The Breakfast Club, which he had never seen) and reading.

I'm going to need more evenings like that in the next couple of weeks, to recover from the month of basically not ever seeing him. I was starting to feel really crappy that because of rehearsals, Boyfriend was really just a lump that I was sleeping next to, but never spending time with.....oops, ended a sentence with a preposition....

Anyway, I realize that sometimes the schedule will be like that. If I end up doing operas more often, I'll have to try to space them out with concert work, which is usually less rehearsal-heavy.

I complain about not getting enough opera work, then I complain about the schedule when I do....great....I guess I was generally displeased with the rehearsal schedule for this opera, which I felt to be excessive and completely inefficient and mismanaged. That is not a good combination.

So, the Breakfast Club. I hadn't seen it since high school, and I never loved it or anything, but this time around, I was really struck by how offensive it is. I can't figure out if that's on purpose, and that the writer was trying to point out how crappy teenagers can be, or if people really thought rape jokes would be funny.....I have to say, though, that I did like Molly Ringwald's outfit. It would only look good on a twig like her, but still.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. Love!


Maggie Jochild said...

Love the line "lump that I was sleeping next to" -- sums it up perfectly.

And yeah, seeing movies that were once important to you after a long absence can be really problematic. On the other hand, "Singing in the Rain" and "Alien" just keep getting better. I managed to never have seen "Casablanca" until my 40th birthday, when I laughed, I cried, I felt god. I mean, everything I'd heard about it and MORE.

Which reminds me, the Oscars are tomorrow. Need to lay in Kleenex, the Memento Mori section always catches me with at least one death I didn't know about.

Re not ending a sentence with a preposition: That's a rule which was never sensible and I think it's fine to flaunt it. When I was a teenager, my mother told me this wonderful joke which I'll try to re-create here without the benefit of accents:

A Texan won a scholarship to Harvard and his first day on campus, he was wandering around lost. He finally stopped a senior and asked politely, "Excuse me, can you tell me where the library's at?"

The Harvardian looked down his nose at the Texas and said in a snotty voice, "We here at Harvard do NOT end our sentences with a preposition."

The Texan replied equably, "All right, then, can you tell me where the library's at, asshole?"

kat said...

nice joke....Remember the Churchill joke about prepositions? "This is something up with which I will not put!"

Last week, I was reviewing prepositions with the kid I tutor. We used "kid" "runs" and "school bus" and then played with prepositions to some hilarious results.

I was never super into the Breakfast Club, but my high school friends went through this obsessed-with-'80s-music-and-movies phase, in which I couldn't escape the John Hughes oeuvre. Still, there were moments that were kind of funny or kind of sweet. Tons o' crap to wade through, though....

Singing in the Rain is a favorite. Except that my skating coach used to blast "Good Mornin'" on the loud speakers at the rink at 5am. I don't think I will ever forgive her for that.

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