Colds suck

Friday, February 22, 2008

So, my cold has gotten seriously worse today.....I had to pass off Yiayia Duty onto one of my uncles. That's the term that I've coined for having to pick up my grandma at the nursing home where my grandpa is, then driving her home or on errands or whatever...
I have 2 days to recover before Orpheus opens on Sunday. My dress rehearsal went pretty well last night. I had to resort to Afrin to get rid of my congestion, though, which was no fun. That stuff kind of burns the inside of my nose, but I was so congested that my ears were all plugged, which makes it really hard to sing. I got some new props: a toy bow and arrow that actually works.....sorta....and a giant pacifier. Good times....'cept the arrows don't want to stay in the quiver, which gets awkward. Still, in general, we all did a pretty good job, and we're much better about remembering the words than we were a couple of days ago.
This opera company always does its shows in English, and they're always really clever. In this case, the translation is a little tooooo clever. One of the songs is written entirely in tongue-twisters and goes at a breakneck pace. On monday, we were all so mixed up that the lines came out as "hebel gerble nurfle sturfle damn it all to hell!" Instead of "Antiquated, over-rated, bawdy and bizarre."

I just went into the kitchen to get some tea, and stepped on the place where the living room carpet ends and the kitchen linoleum starts. The floor made the most interesting little sigh. You know, that kind of sigh? I deduce that there is an orgasmic Leprechaun living under my carpet.


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