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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Heehee.....Last night boyfriend was changing after coming home. He tried to sing the "bow-chick-a-bow-bow" thing from porn as he unbuttoned his shirt, but got all mixed up and ended up singing the theme from the Pink Panther, instead.....hee!

What do nerds do when they're all grown up and don't have mommies there to tell them to go to bed? They cuddle on the couch and read until 1am on a work night.....So far, in the last 4 days, I've read 750 pages. If I finish The Other Boleyn Girl today, it will be over 1,000. As you can tell, being sick and in an introverted mood has been great for my reading addiction! I've been reading lots of historical fiction lately, which I love, but it's becoming a little depressing. So many women getting fucked over by patriarchal societies and all that....At least The Last Witchfinder had a very strong, independent heroine, but it lost all credibility when she gets stranded on a Caribbean island with Ben Franklin and has his child.....oy was a very strange book. (Franklin did have an illegitimate child, and this book takes the position that his unknown mother was the book's heroine, but since we know that he was never shipwrecked, it bugged me).


I have been meaning to blog about so many things lately, but have been sick (still). I'll try to remember them:

-On the View last week, Whoopi and Joy read a list of names that MSNBC has called Hillary Clinton. It was appalling. I've tried to find the full list online, but to no success. These supposed "news channels" have gotten away with calling her everything from a "she-devil" to "uppity" and no one has batted an eye. I'm so sick of the rampant misogyny.

-I had to pass out the monthly "book orders" to some 5th graders last week. Scholastic has been doing these things for years, and I remember ordering from the book orders in elementary school. I don't know what the original premise was, but maybe offering children's literature at a lower price than retail? I'm not sure. Anyway, that would be great if it were actually the case, but many of us have noticed that the books on offer are only occasionally literature. There is so much movie-derived, product placement bullshit that a lot of the teachers aren't handing them out as often (maybe once per term or something). Besides the commercialism, and the fact that in 8 pages of "books" only a handful had any redeeming features (a couple of Newberry Award winners and 1 or 2 about black history month), the worst was the section labeled "Girl Stuff." Of course the background was pink, the books were hetero-normative gender-role enforcing bullshit, and one of the options was a subscription to Seventeen magazine. I was so grossed out, I couldn't even rant correctly.
Of course one or two girls gave me "but I like those books. That one's my favorite." Why the hell would parents allow that kind of shit? Why does the school? Besides, most of the kids at the school are at the very least middle class, if not wealthy. Why do they need the book order to begin with? Why don't teachers compile lists of worthwhile books to check out of the library or suggestions for parents to take to the bookstore? Oh yeah, that would require the rich-ass parents to spend time with their kids....we couldn't have that now, could we??


Now I'm all mad again....


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