Down with Theocracy, Part 2

Saturday, March 22, 2008

So, I'm back from rehearsal, the piano lesson that I taught and the voice lesson that I had. I'm not feeling super good about singing right now, since the technical problem that I've been having for months just won't go away (in a certain part of my range, all the vowels sound like "uh" which is bad....). And I got home to find that the lunch I was going to have (leftover tomato beef chow mein) had been eaten by a certain boyfriend. Grr......Basically, I'm in a slightly pissy mood.

Back to the theocracy business:
It's important to remember that the "founding fathers" did not, for the most part, describe themselves as "christian." Their symbolic ideals came out of 18th Century, Enlightenment period secular humanism. Humanism prizes reason, ethics and logic. Hardly the stuff of fundamentalist thugs....It's also important to remember that the first colonists had left a country that could be considered a partial theocracy. To move in that direction now would be to turn our backs on the goals of our country's existence.

So, now that we've established a historical reason and context for our stance against the church-as-national-thug, let's move on to current events. Like I said in part 1, we're the laughingstock of the western world. Stupid interpretations of religion have fucked with education, health care, and even foreign policy. Seriously, as if the crusades weren't bad enough, we have to drop kick weaker countries in some weird ass Christians v. Pagans football match....

Stupid interpretations of Christianity have made it incredibly difficult for poor women to get health care. Barely 3% of Planned Parenthood's procedures are abortion. Most is routine women's health care. With all the offices that the pro-life bullies have forced out, it's harder and harder for uninsured women to get care. It may sound too liberal an interpretation, but theocracy equals dead women. That's okay by some, though, because we're sub-human anyway.

So, to summarize: Theocracy bad. Any questions?


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