Saturday, March 15, 2008

Has it really been 10 days? Ugh.....sorry....It's been nuts around here, and my mental capacity is such that I've actually been speaking in Lolcat. That's never a good sign.

The last Orpheus show is today, and I am so ready for this thing to be over. The performances were so spread out (the first being on the 24th of Feb) that it's been really hard for me to maintain any kind of momentum. Also, I'm really just tired of it. Last weekend's show was reviewed, by the same online mag that I write for, and you can read it here. In general, it's a fair review, although Janos does tend to judge the singers as though they're seasoned professionals. Which we're not. The youngest cast members are still in undergrad, and the rest of us aren't that far removed from it. This company uses young singers at the beginnings of their careers. Anyway, he fairly points out some of the problems with the production, and I get a one word mention.

So far, I've been reviewed twice in my (short) career, and they've both been one word. Maybe next time, I'll get 2! At that rate, by the time I'm 50, I'll have hopefully worked my way up to a full sentence....


Last week, I read a really interesting article from Democracy Now! about how New York's governor was pushing for legislation that would guarantee New Yorkers the right to abortion and contraception, even if Roe v. Wade ever gets overturned. Here you go. It's really interesting. I especially like the phrase "this law guarantees every woman a right to choose or refuse contraception or birth control and choose or refuse abortion." That's it in a nutshell, right? If abortion gets banned, there are winguts who want contraception to be the next to go. But there's also the scary worst case scenario that if you can force someone NOT to abort, it's possible to force someone TO abort.....

Of course, this article went up a day or two before the whole Spitzer fiasco erupted. I will poke around thar internets to see if there's any update about this bill now that he's resigned.
His replacement has said that he will go along with the policies Spitzer set forth on the major issues and pieces of legislation. I hope that with this bill, that's the case.

Finally on the New York topic, I will roll my eyes at the surprise that folks expressed when a super-rich-owning-class brat thinks he can own everything, even women.....um, duh? Why is that such a shock??


Finally finally, a little morsel about how Mr. Rogers (or, in my house, Mr. Ogers) was pretty effing cool: http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/5943

Have a good weekend!


Celeste Winant said...

While you've only collected two adjectives of critical acclaim thus far, at least both adjectives were positive! You are 2 for 2! Its probably better to get 1 positive word than 10 negative ones. hee!

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