It's Monday again.....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Yep, my luxurious weekend is over, and it's back to it.....

Over the weekend, I heard a news report about lesbian couples in France who are trying to get the laws changed so that they can adopt. This really surprised me. Single women can adopt (I assume single men can, but I don't know for sure), but despite that, lawmakers claim that it's not homophobic. They claim some dumb-shit excuse about there not being strong paternal influences in lesbian adoptions.

Again, I'm really surprised. In France, having a "mome en celibataire" (having a kid when not married or in a couple) is not looked down upon. The phrase doesn't have the same negative connotation as "having a child out of wedlock" or whatever. Not only that, but the French attitude towards other peoples' love lives is a little bit of "everyone can do what they want" mixed with a fair amount of "Je m'en fous" (technically "I don't care," but more accurately "I don't give a fuck/damn") So why the discrimination????

I'm so disappointed in my almost-countrymen (countrypeople? countryfolks?). What the hell? This is the country that is so adamant about people's private lives staying private, about doing what makes you happy.....argh!!!


Clumsy update: rammed my ankle into a rolling cart in the class I was working in today. 3 times. It hurts so bad I think I've managed to actually hurt myself this time....


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