weekend update

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Well, I'm sick again.....This cold's origin is no mystery, as I'm spending all of September working in the Pre-K class made up entirely of 3 year-olds. Many don't know how to blow their noses on their own, and all seem to have come back from summer vacation with colds.

I was even puked on a few days ago. So yucky.

The sad thing is that I got sick at 3am on Thursday morning, and Boyfriend was due back from Europe Thursday night. His return went something like:

"Hi, babe!!! I'm so glad to be home! I missed you so much! Kisses!"
"...Hi sweedie....I'b sick...."
"That's ok." *he leans in for a kiss*
"A...A.....ATHCHOOOO!!!!!" (I sneeze all over him)

Yeah, what a welcome, eh? I did reassure him that I was enthusiastic on the inside.....


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