McCain, Lies and other nasty things

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So McCain keeps talking about how Obama wants to raise taxes.

My taxes, however, would more than double (yes, you read that right, MORE THAN DOUBLE) under McCain's proposed plan, as opposed to Obama's.

You can estimate your own taxes, according to the candidates' proposed tax changes here

I don't necessarily object to taxes. I believe that governments have responsibilities to their citizens, and that that costs money. Money that is usually raised via taxes.

I object, however, to lies. I object to smirking and insinuating that Obama "doesn't seem to understand how things work" when in fact Obama is absolutely truthful in saying that his tax plan would give lower taxes to MORE THAN 90% of AMERICANS. The McCain tax plan doesn't start looking better until you make more than $150,000 a year, and even then, it's better by a matter of tens of dollars. I don't know how these plans compare to current rates, frankly, so I can't speak to which one will "lower taxes more."

Maybe I'll think about doing something other than ranting.....


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