Act Quickly!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Okay folks, I blogged about this over the summer, but you now only have one day to tell the Department of Health and Human Services what you think about their evil plan. You know, the one that could reclassify birth control as abortion? The one that could allow doctors and pharmacists to deny women their rights, just for shits and giggles?

This would affect poor women, particularly women of color and especially Native American women, significantly. Any woman who gets health care from government programs could be denied birth control, simply because of a change of wording by some Bush goons. That doesn't mean that the rest of the women in the country will be unaffected. Some private insurance companies won't cover birth control, and the HHS plan could open the door for that becoming the norm.

I haven't even mentioned yet that this is another step to erode Roe V. Wade without having to officially repeal it, but yes, there's that too.

I especially love (sarcastically) the absurdity of a party that is supposedly anti-abortion taking steps that could drastically increase the number of unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. That's just brilliant......

ACT TODAY!!!!!!!

Here are your options:
Email the HHS directly and tell them they're dumb (hopefully more articulately than that)

Use the Planned Parenthood form letter (but know that government agencies don't look as closely to form letters as they do to individually worded ones):

Use the ACLU form letter (same warning as with the PP one):

Do it today folks!!!!!!


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