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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Maybe Michael Jackson's children shouldn't be looked after by the same people who looked after Michael Jackson


Maggie Jochild said...

Ya think?

What I learned this week: If you have enough money and if you do everything you possibly can to not look black or queer up to and including mutilating yourself and shortening your life considerably, you can buy access to children or actual children themselves despite overwhelming evidence of pedophilia and you can tie up national TV for a WEEK when you die, being proclaimed a musical genius for performing dance moves originated by 1940s jazz players and singing songs that are full of angst but no solid social or political commentary.

And when one of his kids finally gets free of the diamond-encrusted clutches long enough to tell their story, everybody will act shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you, that a man who claimed to love children so much could also use them so terribly.

As if every child abuser on the planet doesn't claim to deeply love the kids they hurt.

kat said...

As to the TV coverage:
Dude kicked the bucket on Thursday. On SATURDAY I was channel surfing and saw the headline "Breaking News: Michael Jackson dead!"

My best friend and I almost died laughing because how is that "breaking"?? The newscasters had not spoken of anything else for something like 48 hours!

What would have been breaking would be:
"Breaking News: rigor mortis has set in"
"Breaking News: body starting to rot"
Breaking News: what's that we smell?"

anyway, yes, I've watched an awful lot of food network and HGTV this week......

Boyfriend is probably right when he worries that Jackson's death is just the tip of the sensationalist iceberg. We'll be hearing weird shit for the next year.

And yes, the thought of that man being in charge of children is completely frightening.

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