On Death and Grief

Friday, August 8, 2008

Last year, when my godmother died, I experienced the Greek Orthodox approach. The services are designed to force you to grieve. And grieve. And grieve. And then you grieve some more, until there's nothing left. And then you eat.

My granddad died last night. He was English, and a Methodist, so I won't have that experience.

Instead I spent 3 hours today watching "Six Feet Under."

Am I the most morbid person on earth?


shadocat said...

No I do not think you're morbid! I sometimes think people back in the day dealt with death and dying so much better than we do now. People knew when you were "in mourning" (you dressed in black, or at the very least, wore an armband) and the world outside treated you with a little extra consideration. That said, I think we all have to mourn in our own way, whether we sit shiva, or watch "Six Feet Under."

I am so sorry for you loss, Kat.

kat said...

Thanks Shado. I appreciate your kind words. Also, I'm glad to hear that your otter is doing better.
Significant Otter, that is.

sorry.....not funny, I know. It was a joke off a birthday card....

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