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Monday, August 18, 2008

The obituary is finished and published. The version that got printed, however, is different from the draft that my cousin Hannah and I wrote. Our version was much better written, frankly. And didn't contain horrendous typos. You do have to pay per line, though, so maybe the mortuary edited it to take up less space? Still, though, punctuation is there for a reason, and you can't just leave it out.

I'm a little mad about that, but you can read up about my granddad here.

Meanwhile, I never did get around to writing about the show that I just finished. There were some interesting things, some wacky ones and some frustrating ones. One of the other singers is an arts journalist, and she was asked to write a piece about the show for the LA times. It features 2 large pictures of me!

The article describes the learning processes in use for very early music. In this case, Ordo Virtutum (The order of the virtues) is from the mid-12th century. To further complicate things, the choreography was based on Kathak classical dance (from northern India), and none of us was used to that kind of movement.

Here's a link to the article, along with one of the pics of me (with a hand coming out of my head--I'm the one in green and gold). The other picture is only in the print version. I'm standing with my music "looking pensive" or something, but really I think I was chewing my nail when the photog snapped the shot! Also notice that I'm wearing skeleton earrings.....don't ask....


Celeste Winant said...

Thanks for posing a link to your grandfather's obituary. It was lovely to learn more about him. I'm amazed at was a rich life he led, especially since he had an amazing granddaughter...

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