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Friday, May 9, 2008

Teaching is almost always interesting. I'm spending 2.5 weeks in a 4th grade class. On Wednesday, the class was in the middle of some quiet activity, so the room was silent. Out of the blue, a girl asks, quite loudly: "What does 'up yours' mean?"

Of course one kid in the room knows, so he immediately bursts out laughing. That makes the girl even more determined to find out the meaning. I wasn't going to tell her.

It had to be THAT girl, though, didn't it? It had to be the one who is annoying, arrogant, in everyone's business, who talks back, rubs good grades in everyone's faces? Of course. It had to be the one whose mother is loathed by the entire school for charging into the office if anyone so much as looks cross-eyed at her daughter, who is of course the princess of the universe.

This last bit is impossible, you see, since I'M the princess of the universe. duh.


I have some links lying around that I should write about. Among them: the plastic surgery story-book called "My Beautiful Mommy" and my desire to vomit; the Facebook application that allows you to display images that look like buttons (the decorative, often slogan-bearing kind), one of which said "it's not rape, it's surprise sex" (again, desire to vomit. and hit someone); how weddings suck and my poor mommy is getting dragged into the middle of some horrible owning-class extravaganza in Maine over the summer (and her desire to vomit)......

yeah, much to rant about.


sleep now.


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