Friday, May 16, 2008

I am so proud to be from California right now. The CA Supreme Court has overturned the ban on lesbian/gay marriage! Whoo hoo!

I was driving around in circles yesterday, trying to find a place to park (which was insanely difficult, and I was really frustrated), already late for work because there was no parking, when Michael Krasny (on NPR) interrupted himself to announce the ruling. I "whoo hooed" in the car.

Here's some history: The first election that I voted in was the spring 2000 CA election (and presidential primary? maybe, can't remember). My friends and I were outraged when Proposition 22 passed, decreeing that marriage was between one man and one woman. We were so insensed, in that really righteous way that only teenagers can be. We simply could not understand how so many people could be so illogical and hateful. Skip to 2004. My college friends and I cheered when Gavin Newsom took it into his own hands to try to undo prop 22. We really cheered when Del and Phyllis, a lesbian couple who are positively famous in San Francisco, and who have been together since 1954 (!!) were the first in line to get married at CityHall.

Well, we cheered yesterday as well. The conservative groups are "vowing to fight this," so the celebration shouldn't get too wild, but hopefully people will realize that marriage rights for a new group of people don't infringe on the rights of the others. Our illustrious governor, about whom I'm usually just embarrassed, said beforehand that he would uphold the court's ruling, and repeated that after the result was announced. Cool.

What's not cool is the weather. How's that for a transition?? It was nearly 100 degrees f yesterday, and it's supposed to be about 90-95 again today. This is northern California, people! We're not equipped for this! No one has air-conditioning at home or anything! I think I was most comfortable while in Safeway, cuz that was the coolest building around. Oh yeah, and the air conditioning at work is broken. The kids are positively roasting.

Speaking of work, it's 7:20 and I must go get ready for said drudgery.
Go California!!!


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