Calling In Gay

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

As a continued protest against Proposition 8 and the other anti-gay initiatives across the country, today was chosen to be the "Day Without a Gay." All people (not just LGBT folks) have been encouraged to "call in gay" (instead of sick) to work, and focus instead on service and activism.

Normally I'm all for a protest, especially one that would keep Californians from getting complacent about having had their rights stripped away.

So what am I doing today? Am I skipping work in favor of letter writing, civil disobedience, neighborhood activism?

Nope, I'm teaching 5th grade and trying really, really hard to stay awake all day.

Yeah, I dropped the ball on this one. I guess my service for the day will be to encourage all Americans to do something today to participate in the march towards full and equal rights for all people.

I won't try to tell you what to do. Y'all are smart and can figure it out, but just find something, even if it's a short conversation...

If you want to read more about December 10th ("Day Without a Gay"), go here.


Maggie Jochild said...

You are officially absolved, Kat, from the Official Spokesyoni of the Dyke Revolution, for all you do and have done, service without end, amen.

Working people find other ways to make an impact if they cannot miss work. As you prove, constantly. So, thanks in advance for what I know you'll be doing in my name tomorrow, and the day after that.

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