What the Hell?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Okay, no more miss nice girl.

What is up with Californians? Why is bigotry acceptable?

Yes, bigotry.

There is no viable, civic reason to favor Proposition 8. None.

I'm sick of arguing with words like "fairness" and "no matter what you believe about marriage..." I'm sick of "I respect your oppinion" because I don't.

I do not respect you if you think it is ok to discriminate against someone.
I do not respect you if you know so little about the US government that you don't know that Church and State are supposed to be separate. Unless you're under, oh, about age 14, there's no excuse for that.
I do not respect you if you have no real thought process and just think gays are icky.
I do not respect you if you vote for Obama and think you deserve an "I'm so tolerant" cookie but vote for a measure that screws over people who are different from you.

I'm done being "respectful." I'm really effing pissed.


Kelly said...

Good post. I agree. I am so upset. And angry. No, furious!!!! We won't give up though. We will make this happen. And when we do finally legalize same-sex marriage FOR GOOD, we will stare at the people who stood in our way on November 4, 2008 and say "FUCK YOU, BIGOTS!!!!!" I have no tolerance for people who have no tolerance! So angry.

kat said...


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